Resetting your
iPhone or iPad

If you updated your software to iOS7 or higher, or your Apple device already has it, your iPhone or iPad will be locked to your iCloud account with Apple’s new Activation Lock.

You need to reset your iPhone or iPad, removing your iCloud account before you send it to us. If the device is not reset, we won’t be able to offer full price for it as the device will be locked to your Apple ID and we will be unable to access the iPhone or iPad’s functions.

How do I unlock my device from my iCloud account?

Removing it is simple and won’t affect your iTunes, Apple ID or anything linked to your iCloud account, it will only unlock the device.

1 - Go to Settings Step One Screen Shot
2- Go to General Step Two Screen Shot
3 - Select Reset Step Three Screen Shot
4 - Select Erase All Content and Settings Step Four Screen Shot
5 - Confirm Erase iPhone, then confirm again Step Five Screen Shot
6 - Enter your Apple ID password and select Erase Step Six Screen Shot

Do I
have iOS7
or higher?

To find out which iOS version your device is running, please go to: Settings > General > About > Version

If your device is running an earlier version of iOS (iOS6 or below), removing your iCloud account is not compulsory but we do advise that you follow the instructions to ensure your account is deleted.

Is your

If you have installed iOS7 or higher or your Apple device already has it and you are unable to follow these steps due to damage, you can prepare your device for sale on a computer.

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See how
It's done

Watch our video clip to see how quick and easy it is to reset your device.

How to remove iOS7 or higher activation lock