Why we didn't spell it Envirophone

The name Envirofone is obviously composed of the two main elements of our business: enviro and phone—enviro phone. This became envirophone and then when the company first started it was considered far trendier to spell phone with an ‘f’ so it stuck and became Envirofone!

Although we’ve been recycling mobile phones for years the fact that it is possible to do this is still not well known. The benefits to the environment are obvious with reuse being the first step in any recycling process.

What our customers think

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Great simple service

Sold my mobile recently through Envirofone and it was easy peasy!The service was great and payment very quick, will recommend and use again.

5 star review 27 Nov — Jean

Fast, efficient and reliable.

I was extremely satisfied with the service provided by Envirofone. They processed my phone quickly and gave me the full value, as quoted on their website - which was better than their competitors. Recommended.

5 star review 27 Nov — Adam Mamoany

Fast and easy

Simple process, fast delivery and fast payment.

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