How does Envirofone work?

A simple guide to selling your phone online

Envirofone is the UK’s leading mobile phone recycler. Selling your old mobile to us couldn’t be easier and you can earn up to £350 whilst helping the environment.

Find your old mobile phone online

Simply search or browse for your old mobile phone to see how much it’s worth. Then just provide us with your details.

Send us your mobile phone FREE of charge

We’ll send you a letter, box and bag with instructions on what to do next (unlike most recyclers we don’t expect you to look for a box!) you just need to pack your phone go to the post office and send it to us free of charge

Sell my phone now »

*We recommend Special Delivery for high value phones.

Sit back and await payment!

Once we test and validate that your old mobile phone meets our Terms and conditions we'll email you once we've received and tested the phone. We'll then send you an email to confirm your payment date. Selling an old mobile phone with Envirofone really is that easy.

If you have any questions about selling mobile phones to Envirofone then take a look at our ‘FAQs’ or ‘Contact Us’.

Mobile memory wiper

Need to lose your memory?

We’ll send you step by step instructions on how to delete all your contacts, photos, texts… basically we’ll tell you how to wipe your phone’s memory!

Start wipin’ »