Mobile recycling could lead to tablet revolution

25 October 2010 — 4:01 PM

Demand for tablets is predicted to rise significantly

People who choose to recycle a mobile phone they no longer want or need may wish to sign up to the ongoing tablet revolution.

Industry commentator CCS Insight says the market for such devices is on track to be even larger than predicted this year.

Earlier in 2010, when Apple released the iPad, the organisation suggested it would sell approximately 9.5 million units by the end of December.

However, it is said to on target to shift up to 14 million of the tablet handsets, while other brands such as Samsung will be responsible for about 1.4 million sales.

Such figures indicate an increasing number of people are viewing the products as viable alternatives to a mobile phone.

Indeed, CCS Insight forecasts some 30 million iPads will be snapped up in 2011, with many buyers perhaps wishing to recycle their mobile for money in order to part-fund their purchase.

More than three million iPads were sold within three days of the popular device's release earlier this year.

Jon Butler, creative brand manager at Envirofone, says: "Many people now view tablets as realistic alternatives to mobile phones. If you fancy swapping your phone for a tablet, why not trade-in your old handset for cash?"

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