Video fans could sell mobile phone for iPhone 4 or HTC Desire HD

22 November 2010 — 4:07 PM

The iPhone 4's video recording technology has been praised

Those mobile fans who rate the ability to record videos with their device may soon be the most likely to sell used phones.

Flora Graham, an industry expert writing for CNET UK, explains the market leaders in this departments are arguably the iPhone 4 an the HTC Desire HD, which "battle to death for the crown of king of smartphones".

Each of the revolutionary models boasts high-definition video recording, with both capable of capturing 720p clips.

Ms Graham adds shooting is simple with the two devices, although the HTC's high sensitivity can cause a few minor issues.

Overall, she rates the iPhone 4 as the winner, citing its greater quality of video and audio as the primary reasons, as well as its ability to work well in difficult conditions.

This could tempt some people to sell used phones and put the money towards one of the Apple handsets, which were released in the UK in June.

Julie Snape, head of marketing at Envirofone, says: "Video recording technology on some smartphones in now so good that you can film your own mini movie! Why not have a go? You could upgrade your handset, and trade-in your old phone for cash."

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