Latest mobiles 'do not have to be a distraction'

9 February 2009 — 4:05 PM

The latest mobile phones and accessories do not have to distract drivers behind the wheel, it has been advised.

According to a spokesman for the Association of British Drivers (ABD), a group which campaigns for the rights of motorists in the UK, there are a number of other activities taking place in cars which are more dangerous.

Hugh Bladon, founding member of the ABD, said among these were smoking and having to deal with squabbling children.

Mr Bladon went on to say that modern technology - such as Bluetooth sytems and hands-free devices - mean that mobile phones do not need to hamper motorists' ability to drive.

"I have Bluetooth in my car," he concluded. "I just press a button on the steering wheel, have no trouble talking to somebody and that's not a distraction as far as I'm concerned anymore than talking to somebody in the back seat."

Recent research from the RAC Foundation showed that during 2007, 348 people were due to mobile phone use.

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