Recycling mobile phones highlighted in new initiative

9 February 2009 — 3:59 PM

A new initiative has been launched to raise awareness of the importance of recycling mobile phones.

The Recycle for London project is targeting users in the capital and will be backed by a TV, radio, press and poster campaign that draws attention to the amount of waste Londoners generate.

In addition, those with the latest mobile phones may like to take advantage of a game that is also being launched as part of the initiative, which challenges players to catch recyclable items without letting them fall into the 'evil bin'.

Ringtones, wallpaper and other gifts have also been made available and London mayor Boris Johnson states he expects the drive to be a success.

"I am very excited that the new Recycle for London campaign is using innovative technologies to boost recycling and my message is to starve your bins and recycle, recycle, recycle," he notes.

Of course, those looking to recycle used mobiles in favour of a new model will have their work cut out for them, earlier this month Nokia announced three new handsets in addition to its newest 5800 XpressMusic device.

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