Selling mobile phone in favour of device with good battery may be wise move

1 December 2010 — 12:03 PM

Battery life might be an important consideration when investing in a new mobile

Many of those who sell a mobile phone and put the funds towards a replacement may do well to identify a model that offers a long battery life.

Adam, writing the latest Nokia Conversations blog, reveals the results of the publication's poll to find out what drains power the most.

The top answer, with almost a third of the votes, is web browsing, which many people believe consumes more of their battery than anything else.

With almost 16 per cent of the nominations, the home screen is another energy-sapping feature, while GPS apps were named by 13.1 per cent as their answer.

Talking to friends and family, playing music and sending messages were other popular options.

The results could suggest moving to a mobile phone that offers a good battery life may be essential when next making a switch of models.

Flora Graham, writing for CNET UK, recently identified the Nokia C7 as a handset with plenty of battery to go round.

Julie Snape, head of marketing at Envirofone, says: "If you're constantly surfing the web or using the map on your phone, your battery could be taking a serious hit. Why not upgrade your handset to a model with better battery life? You could trade-in your old phone for cash!"

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