Selling mobile phone and upgrading 'can enhance some areas of life'

6 December 2010 — 12:01 PM

Switching mobile phones can help Britons add more to their culture

People who sell a mobile phone and replace it with a newer model will enjoy benefits in a number of areas, if one expert is correct.

Zara Rabinowicz, an industry observer, explains handsets have become integrated in British culture to the extent that many people now rely on them for a variety of uses.

For example, activities such as online shopping and using maps are just two of those that would be greatly improved by access to a top mobile.

"Low mobile tariffs aid this, as it allows a greater number of people to enjoy mobile web access, and this type of interconnectivity feeds into other avenues such as location-based gaming and tracking," she notes.

Some people may be of the view that even simple web browsing can be better enjoyed with a phone upgrade.

Research by Ofcom recently found the UK's smartphone uptake grew faster than any other European nation's in the last 12 months.

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