Mobile recycling 'offers access to thousands of apps'

24 December 2010 — 2:07 PM

People who recycle a mobile should make sure they take advantage of the functions of its replacement

Those who opt to recycle a mobile will find they enjoy access to hundreds of thousands of apps if they select a smartphone as its replacement.

However, a study by Envirofone shows the majority of people are missing out on the full range of what their device can offer, reports the Daily Mail.

Some 71 per cent of mobile consumers only take advantage of their handset's call, text and Facebook functions.

"The latest phones have become status symbols which look flash but aren't fully utilised," Envirofone's Jon Butler tells the newspaper.

He notes some models – such as the iPhone 4 and BlackBerry releases – can surf the internet, send and receive emails and run apps – all of which is being overlooked by many.

Indeed, just ten per cent of a mobile's functions are being enjoyed by those with a smartphone to their name.

One app that people may wish to utilise is the TomTom feature available to iPhone owners, as it was recently named by the Daily Telegraph as the perfect Christmas present.

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