Industry collaborates to produce universal phone charger

17 February 2009 — 5:15 PM

Various industry bodies and manufacturers are to collaborate in the development of a universal mobile phone charger.

According to a statement from GSMA - which is running the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona until February 19th - it has pledged to create a common format for this accessory to save energy and make life easier for consumers.

Together with 17 other companies, GSMA has set a target to make the universal charging solution (UCS) widely available by 2012, with the majority of new handsets compatible.

"There is enormous potential in mobile to help people live and work in an eco-friendly way and with the backing of some of the biggest names in the industry, this initiative will lead the way," commented chief executive officer and GSMA member of the board Rob Conway.

It is aimed for the UCS to be up to three times more efficient than a charger not rated by the star system, which is a tool used by some manufacturers.

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