Facebook feature heads to latest Sony Ericsson on 3

5 March 2009 — 9:57 AM

3 Mobile has a number of PAYG options available

A new feature has been applied to one of Sony Ericsson's latest phones for customers of 3 Mobile.

The network announced this week that the C510 Cyber-shot model will come equipped with an exclusive application that allows users better access to the Facebook social networking portal.

It states that in addition to the device's 3.2-megapixel camera, 2.2-inch screen and photography features such as Smile Shutter, those who opt for the device will also have the ability to stay continuously connected to the site.

"The Facebook application allows you to view your friends' status updates, update your own status, review news feeds and post pics all from the home screen carousel," the carrier claims.

Available for around £97.86 on pay-as-you-go contracts, the Sony Ericsson C510 could inspire some to recycle used mobile phones and trade up for a new model.

However, 3 Mobile also offers the latest contracts on a range of other handsets including the INQ1 - which recently won the GSMA Best Mobile Handset or Device Award.


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