Study looks at the benefits of 'social notworking'

16 April 2009 — 12:13 PM

Many people use their phones to access sites like Facebook

Consumers using the latest phones to access their social networking accounts are not time-wasting, a new study suggests.

With a number of new handsets - such as the BlackBerry Storm and Apple iPhone 3G - having dedicated applications for services such as Facebook, 3 Mobile has attempted to find out how such sites are impacting people's lives.

The survey looked at how consumers across Europe access their social networking and found UK employers in the UK were much stricter about allowing staff to check their accounts than in countries like Germany and Italy.

In addition, David Bolchover, author of The Living Dead – which examines employee motivation in the workplace, believes the ten or 15 minute breaks people take to update their status or check their messages is actually beneficial.

"For the modern knowledge worker, productivity has nothing to do with long hours on the job, but flows from an active and motivated mind," he states.

Facebook addicts may find the dedicated apps for the site on BlackBerry and Apple devices tempt them into recycling mobile phones that are not equipped with such features.

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