Ugly old handset leads to green recycling decision

16 December 2008 — 5:09 PM

One writer has spoken of how frustration with an old handset led him to consider the benefits of recycling his used mobile to buy a new model.

In a piece for the Halesowen News, it is noted that many people looking for the latest phones allow their handsets to be sent to landfill, but there are a number of other options available.

The writer compares a recent used mobile phone to a "boomerang made from cheap plastic" that was "useless" on a practical level and "laughable" in terms of a style statement.

It is also noted that throwing the old model in a drawer and buying a new one was one option, but adds that this is an irresponsible move that can be damaging to the planet.

The reason given for this is the number of materials contained in modern mobiles, which - in addition to metal and plastic - includes toxic battery elements.

"Some of the elements are so toxic, in fact, that just one mobile battery can pollute 600,000 litres of water."

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