Peak times are causing 'slower broadband speeds'

14 May 2009 — 12:05 PM

Internet service providers are not necessarily misleading customers by advertising certain broadband speeds, it has been said.

Chris Marling is the editor of Broadband Genie and commented on the reasons why consumers may not be achieving speeds promised.

It is usually because of increased usage during peak times, he explained.

"They are called peak times for a reason - a lot of people are trying to get online - so people are getting nowhere near those advertised speeds."

Mr Marling said it would be "unfair" to label providers as having misled people because they say speeds will be "up to" a certain point.

His comments follow a recent survey which showed that the average ration of download rates received - when compared to a customer's expectations - was 45.8 per cent.

Broadband Genie found Virgin Media and O2 to give the best results with higher-speed packages.

Accessing the internet via a mobile phone may be a better option for some people, especially if they are on the move a lot of the time.

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