Expert predicts 3D mobiles 'within the next seven years'

21 May 2009 — 5:00 PM

3D has moved on from the outdated technology of the past

The latest mobile phones could soon be equipped with new 3D technology, according to one expert.

A spokesman for MOBILE3DTV, a research project aimed at showing how feasible such technology would be on portable devices, said this kind of technology could be in the mainstream sometime between 2012 and 2015.

Dr Atanas Gotchev, scientific coordinator at the organisation, said in around four to seven years display systems will have matured to a point whereby mobiles with 3D games and video could be the norm.

He added that other "more comprehensive" services were likely to follow, including 3D television and user-generated content.

"The availability of 3D content and 3D-based services is crucial for the massive launch of 3D mobiles," he concluded.

Although such systems may seem a way off on the latest phones, cinema is increasingly turning towards such technologies to combat piracy and offer a new experience for viewers.

So far, films such as My Bloody Valentine, Monsters Vs Aliens and Coraline have experienced success at the box office thanks in part to their availability in 3D.

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