Mobile recycling the topic of new report

26 June 2009 — 2:00 PM

An old Nokia handset could be traded in for cash

A new report has been issued that looks at the growth of mobile recycling and the inherent benefits it provides consumers.

The survey, which is published online this week by Report Buyer, reviews the eco-friendly processes being employed by some firms in reducing waste.

Entitled the Global Green and Recycled Mobile Phone Market 2008-2011, the publication considers devices that boast green features - such as the Motorola W233 Renew.

"Unlike other mobile handsets, which end up becoming waste in landfill and release toxic materials to pollute environment, green mobile handsets can be reused and recycled," a statement accompanying the study explains.

However, those looking to trade in used devices for cash can feel safe in the knowledge that envirofone's processes include the redistribution of such materials for use in other areas.

The Motorola W233 Renew is partially made from recycled plastic bottles and is manufactured to a carbon neutral standard.

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