Wannabe footy managers given mobile option

25 June 2009 — 10:02 AM

Budding Mourinhos may love the game

An Iseq-listed building materials firm has announced this week it is to reissue a number of treasury shares as part of a staff incentive scheme.

CRH, which closed trading on the exchange yesterday (June 24th) with an official ordinary price of €16.54, revealed 4,317 shares would be transferred to participants in its employee benefits package.

These will be priced at €11.8573 and €15.0674 per ordinary share and will leave the company with a treasury holding of 14,962,638 shares - and an in issue figure of 692,215,802.

It was also revealed this week that the CRH board had appointed John W Kennedy as a non-executive director.

Mr Kennedy has previously served as executive vice-president of the Halliburton Company, president of Dresser Enterprises and chief operations officer of Brown and Root Services.

In addition, the appointee acts as a consultant to a number of other energy companies and CRH has listed his various academic achievements it believes are relevant to his new position.


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