Green expert says 'eco-friendliness can save you cash'

25 June 2009 — 10:00 AM

The cash could soon stack up if you act greener

One expert has offered advice on how making your home greener can save you money.

Teresa Theriot notes in an article for, there are many things people can do around the home to reduce energy waste and cut bills at the same time.

She recommends getting rid of any old, inefficient electrical items and replacing them with new ones designed to use less electricity, as well as making sure items like mobile phone chargers are not left on unnecessarily.

"You wouldn't know it," Ms Theriot explains, "but leaving something plugged in draws energy even when it's powered off. Start making an effort to unplug any item that is not in use."

Other tips include washing clothes in cool water wherever possible and opening the door on the dishwasher after a load to allow items to air dry.

Earlier this year, Nokia said consumers who buy the N79 Eco package online will not receive a charger - allowing them to reduce waste by using their old one.

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