Recycling "is now paramount"

25 June 2009 — 10:00 AM

The article states the importance of recycling

Local councils are changing the way they collect and process waste and are encouraging people to act in a greener manner.

Printed on the Wales Online website this week, a correspondent for the Western Mail explains landfill space is running out and moves to cut waste levels and recycle as much possible are "now paramount".

The reasons given for this include the "extremely negative effect" allowing waste to rot has on the atmosphere, generating methane and creating greenhouse gases 23 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide.

It goes on to say that the solution to this problem lies partly in the hands of the consumer and encourages people "to make a concerted effort" to improve their green practices.

Those recycling mobile phones with envirofone may be comforted to hear that harmful components found in many handsets such as cadmium and lead are removed and either disposed of ethically or re-used in other devices.

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