Green initiatives 'not about sacrifice'

30 June 2009 — 12:00 PM

Eco initiatives should create a win-win situation

Adopting a greener attitude can actually be beneficial to the economy and should not be feared, it has been suggested.

Friends of the Earth (FoE) said this week that although some people believe tackling climate change by recycling and changing the way we generate energy means sacrifice, this is not necessarily the case.

A spokeswoman for the organisation, which campaigns on a number of environmental issues, said adapting the way we live to fight climate change is a positive thing in many respects.

She explained that green initiatives are often perceived as something that are synonymous with giving things up, but in fact can create "a win-win situation".

"Examples of councils that have already taken action have shown that it is possible, both financially and politically to get these kind of programmes through."

The comments follow the launch of a FoE campaign that calls for local councils to illustrate their commitment to carbon dioxide emission reduction by 40 per cent before 2020.

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