New LG Chocolate 'will build on predecessor'

8 July 2009 — 5:00 PM

The old LG Chocolate was popular

The popularity of the LG Chocolate has prompted its manufacturer to announce the launch of a new version of the device.

In news that may interest those recycling mobile phones, a spokesman for the South Korean firm said the original handset had turned into something of an "all-time favourite" - and the revised model would build on this.

LG Mobile UK head of marketing Jeremy Newing said: "We believe LG Chocolate's successor will have a tremendous impact on the market, while adding to the growth that [we have] experienced during the first half of this year."

In addition, the firm said the LG Chocolate had been the most successful it had released to this date and details for the revamped device would emerge next month.

Orange recently announced it would be making the LG Touchscreen Watch Phone available to its customers for a limited time - with more products to follow chosen "for their unique digital lifestyle benefits".

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