Firms urged to 'keep recycling'

8 July 2009 — 2:00 PM

Stockpiling unwanted documents could be a fire risk

Businesses are being urged to recycle any materials that can be reused to help keep their places of work safe.

According to Aviva, the financial group which used to be known as Norwich Union, a fall in demand for such items has caused some companies to stockpile waste until prices return to normal.

However, the firm's property risk manager Allister Smith said this could be a grave mistake and companies should keep on with the green practices they have adhered to in the past.

"We would, of course, urge these businesses to process the recyclable materials through the system as they would have done previously. But in the meantime, the way in which they are stored should be properly assessed," he added.

Of course, recycling mobile phones is an option that can secure cash for firms or consumers that can be used to invest in new technology - while also boosting green credentials.

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