Money and planet-saving tips issued

7 July 2009 — 9:04 AM

Saving the planet could save you some cash

Consumers looking to generate cash by recycling mobile phones may also be interested in some money-saving advice from the Manchester Evening News.

This week, the publication listed a number of ways in which households can reduce their expenditure by changing the way they behave - with many of the solutions also offering eco-friendly benefits.

Insulating the home was noted as worthwhile as it could "save as much as £950 a year" - and adopting more fuel-efficient driving or seeking alternative means of transport "will save you money and cut your carbon footprint".

Recycling wherever possible was highlighted as a free and effective solution for making a significant difference to the planet and composting was suggested as worth considering for those with green fingers.

"Don't let tough financial times put a stop to your efforts to be environmentally friendly," the article added.

Last week, a spokesman for Garden Organic suggested people invest in a fruit and vegetable patch despite the ongoing effects of the recession.

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