New Motorola offers 'tough messaging solution'

10 July 2009 — 2:00 PM

The new Moto claims to be tough

A new mobile phone has been launched by Motorola that offers high-performance messaging options encased in a rugged outer shell.

The manufacturer claims the Motorola Clutch i465 sits within its iDEN range of products and could be a solid solution for those who need a tough device that still offers great email options.

Utilising push-to-talk technology and a full qwerty keyboard, the handset is also noted as an ideal productivity tool for entrepreneurs and smaller business operators.

Glenn Kennedy, iDEN sales manager for Motorola's Canadian arm, said: "Clutch is a multi-talented communications tool."

He added this is the case whether the user is engaged in lengthy conversation, private texting or emailing and individual or a group voice calling.

In addition to a full qwerty keyboard, the handset comes with a durable exterior that meets US 810F military specifications and has integrated Bluetooth and GPS facilities.

Other handsets in the Motorola range include the Aura, ROKR and RAZR.

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