Company attitudes to carbon footprints addressed

15 July 2009 — 5:00 PM

Recycling can be good for a businesses image

Although many businesses improve their eco-credentials with mobile recycling initiatives, new figures from the Chartered Management Institute have revealed a divide between senior and junior staff.

The report, which included 1,500 respondents, identified over half of all directors as "climate change cynics".

It also revealed 81 per cent of managers recognised energy usage as a crucial issue in business, with 26 per cent admitting this is something that has been addressed.

According to EDF Energy's chief officer of people organisation and brand management Eva Eisenschimmel, the ability to succeed in the low-carbon future is reliant on transformation of the business model.

She explained that while this has to be strongly led, it must be a realistic prospect for all employees.

"Long-term performance measures linked with reward schemes is a powerful mechanism for making this happen," Ms Eisenschimmel added.

Those looking to start a mobile recycling drive at work should keep in mind that ensures gadget components are reused wherever possible and are not sent to landfill.

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