Green advice emphasises recycling importance

15 July 2009 — 11:30 AM

Recycling should be a year-round thing

Some new eco-friendly advice has been offered to consumers who may have also recently considered the benefits of recycling mobile phones.

Sarah Miloudi of the South Wales Echo lists a number of things people can do to make their lifestyle a little more environmentally responsible and their homes a bit greener.

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, she explains changes such as drying clothes outdoors, turning off taps properly and switching off gadgets when not in use can also help save cash.

Speaking to Waste Awareness Wales officer Georgina Taubman, the article goes on to emphasise the importance of recycling as much as possible.

"Whatever item you are about to throw away, whether it's outdated computer kit, unwanted furniture or bedding, most items can be recycled - you just need to know where to take them," Ms Taubman explained.

Of course, those who recycle with will be safe in the knowledge that harmful components like cadmium and lead are removed and either disposed of ethically or re-used in other devices.

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