Luxury mobile market 'is up for grabs'

14 July 2009 — 2:00 PM

Beckham was used to promote the Aura on its release

Although there are a number of the latest phones battling it out for smartphone supremacy, an expert has claimed there is one area where there is no such competition.

This week, a spokesman for UnwiredView, a website which specialises in news and reviews for new handsets and technologies, suggested there was currently no-one challenging Nokia in the luxury market.

Stasys Bielinis, editor-in-chief for the online publication, said it was difficult to tell if this particular sector was growing, but it was clear that the Finnish firm's Vertu is currently the only major player.

He went on to say some smaller manufacturers like Mobiado and Gresso were involved, with other luxury brands considering launching a device - such as watch maker Tag Heuer.

In addition, Mr Bielinis highlighted the Motorola Aura and Samsung Ego as options for buyers, but concluded "there is certainly a place for a big player to take a serious look into it".

The Motorola Aura was backed by a launch campaign that featured David Beckham. However, the former Manchester United star has since been spotted with an Apple iPhone 3G.

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