Mobile music downloads 'will continue to thrive'

14 July 2009 — 9:55 AM

Nokia Comes With Music is one of the latest audio innovations

Consumers with the latest phones will continue to take advantage of the most innovative download services, it has been advised.

A spokesman for GfK Retail and Technology, an information and consulting firm specialising in the field of telecommunications and electronics, said the market for music in particular would continue to grow.

Business group director for the company Aaron Rattue suggested, however, that if this was expected to be the case, operators and manufacturers needed to push the best facilities and technology.

"There will be higher levels of all-you-can-eat subscriptions as operators look to retain subscribers," he predicted. "Now mp3 capability and onboard storage capacity is growing, the devices are there to match the standalone … players"

Earlier this month, GfK Retail and Technology published a report that showed the mobile music market had a record number of 1.72 million downloads in May 2009.

Orange also announced this week that it would be upgrading its own facilities so that audio files on its retail store would now be free from Digital Rights Management technology - making them easier to transfer between devices.

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