Music-focussed Sony Ericsson 'an affordable option'

16 July 2009 — 5:00 PM

The W205 is another Walkman option for buyers

The Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman phone has been highlighted as part of a new marketing drive announced by the manufacturer this week.

According to the company, which first brought the brand to the market in the late 1970s with a range of cassette-based personal stereos, the new device combines a number of features that music lovers may find attractive.

With an integrated Walkman media player, FM radio, TrackID music recognition system and Bluetooth connectivity, the handset could be a solid purchase for those recycling mobile phones.

"The W205 is … an affordable mobile phone that is accessible to everyone, offering the quality expected from the Walkman brand," the company explained.

In addition, Sony Ericsson is challenging a number of advertising agencies to come up with new campaign ideas backing the gadget that celebrate these features.

A recent review for the device on Article Alley pointed to its integrated music facilities, noting that the media player was "top notch".

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