Green initiative 'could be good for the economy'

17 July 2009 — 10:12 AM

Going green doesnt have to involve solar panels and new heating systems

Many people would like to opt for more environmentally-friendly facilities in their homes - but some feel they cannot afford it, an expert has suggested.

A spokesman for British Eco Energy, a group which offers help and advice on a number of green issues including sustainability and recycling, said people may be finding it difficult to act more responsibly due to the recession.

Andrew Moore, managing director of the group, was commenting on government plans to cut carbon emissions by 34 per cent before 2020 - a scheme which includes clean energy cash-back for those able to generate their own electricity.

But he added that if the initiative was to work, it could end up being good for the economy - helping everyone get extra money in their pockets.

"If we can get a decent rate of money back for the energy produced [...] it will prompt people to invest in the UK market rather than just thinking of it as a green thing to do," he said.

Many people may find recycling mobile phones is an easy way to generate some extra cash and act in a more environmentally-friendly manner.

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