App Store 'has boosted iPhone popularity'

17 July 2009 — 2:00 PM

The App Store has proven popular with iPhone users

Consumers recycling mobile phones might be more likely to shop for an Apple iPhone 3G because of access to the App Store, one expert has suggested.

A spokesman for What Mobile magazine, which provides news and reviews on the latest developments in the sector on a monthly basis, said the device has created a market of its own that makes it desirable to many.

Jonathan Morris, editor at the resource, explained the App Store - an online retail outlet where iPhone users can download games and lifestyle or organisational software - had played a big role in this.

"The iPhone has established a new market segment of its own, just as Apple has its niche in the PC-dominated computer world," he said.

Apple's updated version of the iPhone, the 3G S, was launched last month on the same day as Nokia's latest flagship device - the N97. The former is now widely available on the O2 network, while the latter can be picked up via various operators.

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