Local solutions "essential" for reducing carbon emissions

20 July 2009 — 10:56 AM

Local schemes are important, the government says

Local projects aimed at lowering emissions are vital for helping the UK to become a low-carbon economy, it has been suggested.

Ed Miliband, energy and climate change secretary, discussed the matter as £20,000 in funding was announced for such community schemes.

A partnership between Nesta and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) will provide money for local initiatives where the goal is to produce cleaner energy and reduce emissions.

One of these is a hydropower project in Bath, which will utilise water mills nearby.

"We want to support people in their efforts so they can reap the benefits of cleaner energy, a better quality of life and stronger, cohesive communities," Mr Miliband said.

Last week, the DECC unveiled a set of proposals aimed at helping the UK on its way to a low-carbon future.

It was also announced that Toyota is to build a full hybrid vehicle in the UK.

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