LG expects growth with new devices

22 July 2009 — 5:14 PM

As the ongoing recession sees many electronic companies make cutbacks as profits drop, LG has revealed that it expects to be an exception to this rule in the future.

In its second quarter financial report, LG states that it has undergone global year-on-year growth of 13.8 percent - a trend it believes will follow through into subsequent quarters.

The firm expects further growth to occur as it gears up for the release of further high-end products such as the fourth installation of the LG Black Label Series.

Models such as its forthcoming smartphone GM730 and the GD900 Crystal - which boasts the unique feature of a transparent keypad - are also expected to drive sales at LG.

Meanwhile, those who regularly recycle mobile phones may be interested to learn that LG reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 2.1 million tonnes in the first half of 2009.

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