Phone recycling 'is easy'

22 July 2009 — 10:01 AM

Recycling phones 'can be simple'

Recycling mobile phones is easy and it is usually a better option than throwing away or hoarding, one expert has suggested.

The Creston News Advertiser said this week that there are so many positives about upgrading or buying a new model – but some people do not know what to do with handsets they no longer need.

Sometimes they end up cluttering up drawers and desks, the article said.

But phone recycling can ensure all parts are disposed of properly, because harmful chemicals can leak from discarded electronics.

Parts or whole components are sometimes reused, while other elements are managed to ensure they do not contaminate the land or air.

And according to the publication, showing youngsters the benefits of recycling is a good place to start thinking about this issue.

"With more teens, tweens and younger children carrying cell phones, smart phones, iPods and other personal electronics, it's never too early to start educating them about recycling these items," it explained.

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