Apple iPhone has "bucked the trend"

23 July 2009 — 10:03 AM

The iPhone is reportedly very easy to use

Recycling mobiles for cash can help consumers pay for models such as the Apple iPhone, which has "bucked the trend" in an uncertain financial climate.

This is the opinion of's online editor Linsey Fryatt, who said that while some mobile phone sales have dipped, this handset is different.

Key to its success is usability and the way Apple has made applications easy to access via a good touchscreen, she added.

However, some people who may have bought the manufacturer's iPhone might have changed their minds due to the 18 or 24-month contracts required.

"People are becoming less willing to do [enter into these deals] and that's an issue that mobile phone operators are going to have address," Ms Fryatt remarked.

Those who do want to pay for their calls and text via a contract and consequently have a handset going spare can make some cash by getting rid of it in an eco-friendly way.

Recycling mobile phones can ensure any reusable parts are passed on and chemicals and materials are safely disposed of.

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