Music and video lovers 'should consider Samsung Jet'

27 July 2009 — 2:00 PM

Music fans may love the new offering

A new article has singled out the Samsung Jet S8000 as a "super" media-focused mobile which tops a number of its siblings.

In a piece for Trusted Reviews, Sandra Vogel looked at the new device and suggested the inclusion of an AMOLED screen, 800 MHz processing and compatibility with many different file types made it a solid purchase.

She explained the South Korean manufacturer has launched a number of flagship handsets recently like the eight-megapixel i8910 and the Tocco Lite.

However, Ms Vogel noted those looking at the latter as a replacement device should reconsider their decision.

"The Samsung Jet is a super phone," she said, adding that a rich feature set and rugged yet comfortable hardware design complemented the model's processing abilities.

"If you are considering [the] Tocco Lite, glance here for an alternative and better option."

Unveiled on June 15th, the gadget comes equipped with the firm's TouchWiz 2.0 user interface.

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