Latest phones from HTC and Palm 'could challenge Apple'

29 July 2009 — 5:00 PM

The HTC Hero was announced earlier this year

Shoppers looking for the latest phones with high performance features have more to consider than just the Apple iPhone 3G S, it has been advised.

According to a spokeswoman for gadgets and games news resource, the manufacturer has had a long life in the spotlight with its multi-purpose handset - but it may be time for some others to shine.

Consumers recycling mobile phones may be interested to hear the site's editor Linsey Fryatt cited the upcoming Palm Pre and HTC Hero as just two models which could be about to give the iPhone a run for its money.

She added that in general, the future may not be with the Apple device as more companies step up their game to compete in the sector.

"There are people catching up and offering certain different solutions for people who don't want to just follow the crowd and buy into the whole iPhone ethos," Ms Fryatt concluded.

Although the Palm Pre has yet to be launched in the UK, some favourable reviews of the mobile have emerged from the US - where it is now in stores.

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