Green funding to boost renewable energy options

28 July 2009 — 10:17 AM

Wind power could help the UK become greener

Those recycling mobile phones in a bid to act in a more eco-friendly way may be buoyed by a recent boost to the UK's green credentials.

It has been revealed that up to £1 billion of loans will be provided for onshore wind farms, while a further £10 million in government grants will be made available for developing related technologies.

The move is part of an initiative that sees the European Investment Bank work with a number of UK lenders and the Department of Energy and Climate Change to boost the nation's renewable energy facilities.

Energy and climate change secretary Ed Miliband said the funding would help Britain in creating more jobs, as well as establishing itself as one of the world leaders in such power.

"We are reforming planning laws, finding new ways of working with local communities and are determined to persuade people that we need a significant increase in onshore wind as part of the UK's future energy mix," he added.

Consumers could be doing their bit for the planet by ensuring their used mobiles are recycled - rather than going to landfill where they can cause damage to the earth.

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