HTC Magic impresses reviewer

30 July 2009 — 2:00 PM

The magic has a number of attractive features

Some of the finer points of the latest phone that uses the Google Android operating system have been outlined in a new review.

Gerry Blackwell, a journalist and technology expert, wrote in a piece for Wi-Fi Planet that the HTC Magic has some "impressive" features - which could be of interest to those recycling mobile phones.

With quad-band GSM technology, he explained the speed of the device on HSDPA and UMTS networks is something that might be of use to those who travel all over the world.

The touchscreen interface was described as "virtually identical" to that of the Apple iPhone 3G S and although lacking the sane level of "coolness", Mr Blackwell noted it was "easier and faster" when it comes to error-free typing.

He added: "The Wi-Fi connection was particularly impressive on high-resolution YouTube videos, which played flawlessly for the most part."

A 3.2-megapixel camera, video playback and access to the Android Market was also something that contributed to the HTC Magic's status as a "decent" multimedia gadget.

The phone is a Vodafone-exclusive in the UK.

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