Apple iPhone 3G 'clearly not just for creatives'

3 August 2009 — 2:00 PM

It seems the iPhone is popular with all sorts of people

Regular consumers recycling mobile phones are just as likely to consider an Apple iPhone 3G as "graphic designers and creative types", it has been suggested.

A spokesman for Mobile Entertainment, a monthly publication which focuses on news and analysis from the sector, said the device had penetrated the market on all levels.

Tim Green, executive editor the magazine, said he originally thought the latest phones from Apple would be much like the computers produced by the firm - limited to a specific demographic.

However, he added recent figures that highlight the success of the gadget have proved him wrong.

"Looking around the office here probably more than half the people … have iPhones now. They seem to have really succeeded in getting people to change networks and go through all the different hoops," Mr Green added.

According to Strategy Analytics, the manufacturer shipped around 5.2 million units between April and June.

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