Renewable energy technology 'needs more investment'

4 August 2009 — 2:00 PM

Wind power is a green solution the expert suggests needs more investment

An environmental expert has called on the government to do more to support sustainable energy solutions.

A spokeswoman for the Renewable Energy Centre commented on the recent announcement that the Department of Energy & Climate Change would be working with three UK banks to boost the development of onshore wind farms.

She agreed the fact financial institutions and businesses were working towards more eco-friendly power solutions was a good thing, but added more money may still be required.

"Although the government's commitment of £4 billion … towards energy projects is commendable, there is still much more investment and commitment needed to promote this industry as a viable and profitable solution," it was advised.

Last month, the Department of Energy & Climate Change announced that work had now started on getting a number of wind-based energy projects started, with help from the European Investment Bank.

The Renewable Energy Centre provides online information and advice on renewable technologies.

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