A greener home in "basic steps"

6 August 2009 — 5:00 PM

A greener home could make you happier

There are multiple things people can do to make their home more environmentally-friendly - even if it is a rental property, one expert has advised.

In addition to recycling mobile phones, residential real estate specialist Michele Lerner explained there are some things people can do around the house to make it greener.

She explained that some recently published tips have involved making structural changes to a property in order to improve its efficiency - something tenants cannot do.

However, "basic steps" such as ensuring unused electricals and lights are switched off when they are not being used are applicable to everyone.

"Conserving water helps the environment, too, such as only running the dishwasher with a full load," Ms Lerner concluded.

Homemakers may find that they have a number of used mobile phones lying around their property that are no longer in use, recycling these via envirofone can help ensure they are not sent to landfill at a later date.

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