Game site calls for Apple-Android game transfer

22 December 2008 — 6:01 PM

The launch of the first Google Android-powered handset this year could cause many to recycle their old mobile phones, but one site notes there is more to come.

Pocket Gamer reports this week that 2009 will be a good year for the operating system and notes that having established itself on the T Mobile G1, it hopes some of the applications made popular this year by the iPhone will be ported across.

Listing five of its favourites, the article notes that Rolando would be one title that could easily make the switch, adding the title is "undoubtedly the best iPhone game to be released so far"

Super Monkey Ball, it says, could go one better and actually improve on the Apple version, ironing out some of its previous problems.

For those who love retro gaming it notes Marble Madness and Space Invaders Extreme could be a great addition to the Google platform and adds that the latter could also work on the Nokia N-Gage system.

Finally, it adds tactical first-person shoot-em-up Counter-Strike would work great as a Wi-Fi multiplayer title, offering an "unparalleled portable multiplayer experience".

It is expected that Android will appear on a number of other handsets during 2009.

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