Latest phone with Android 'a success'

7 August 2009 — 11:28 AM

The Hero was launched last month

In a review for IT Pro this week, the latest phone to hit the UK market with Google's Android operating system onboard was put to the test - with the writer seemingly impressed with what the manufacturer had achieved.

Known in some markets on T Mobile as the G2 Touch, the HTC Hero was praised as "very aesthetically pleasing" and internet connectivity noted as something that is also well covered.

The site said the firm had succeeded in creating a model capable of delivering on what it set out to do in putting the consumer first - which may excite those recycling mobile phones to pay for the device.

"Pre-launch, the company claimed that the device put people at the heart of its design, rather than technology and we’re pleased to report it has actually come up with the best of both worlds," the reviewer concluded.

The other two Android enabled devices on the market are the HTC Magic and the T Mobile G1.

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