Green agenda 'still important to consumers in a recession'

12 August 2009 — 10:42 AM

Mobile recycling could help pay for a much needed break

Consumers are still interested in behaving in a more eco-friendly manner in a recession - subject to it providing value, according to one expert.

Those considering recycling used mobiles for cash may be interested in the comments of the spokeswoman, who highlighted the importance of environmental awareness.

Krissy Roe of the green travel specialists said although people were trying to cut their expenses, it was clear that an eco-agenda was present as long as it was not the more costly option.

"For most people I think it's about value. The great thing about travelling more responsibly is that it doesn't actually have to cost any more," she added.

Those looking to generate some extra cash to fund a weekend break or holiday in the sun may find recycling mobile phones an easy way to help pay for such a sojourn.

Often, old handsets can lie unused in cupboards and drawers when the funds received for trading them in could be used as extra spending money.

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