Recycling 'the hip way to feel proud'

17 August 2009 — 10:08 AM

Making use of unwanted items is now something one expert believes is advice people should be happy to take on board.

In news that may inspire those considering recycling mobile phones, Elizabeth Vickory said in an article for the News & Record that there are simpler ways to live your life and being environmentally-aware can be part of this.

She explained the phrase "reduce, reuse, recycle" is now "one of today's hippest mantras" and not only that, is also worth doing for many reasons.

"Who hasn't felt a sense of pride upon discovering a new use for an old item, even if it's as simple as cutting up an old T-shirt and using it for pet bedding?," Ms Vickory asked.

However, she added some people live the frugal life without such need for an ego boost, highlighting a recent visit to her grandparents where she saw water being conserved, items being reused and laundry being hung rather than tumbled dry.

Despite this, the writer concluded these actions are simply a way of life for some of the older generation, suggesting this is something we could all learn from.

Recycling old mobile phones is a good way to start an eco-friendly initiative and could even generate cash to put towards other green items like a more efficient kitchen appliance or boiler.

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