Mobile users reminded to 'switch off at the movies'

18 August 2009 — 5:00 PM

Orange Wednesdays is a weekly offer

Mobile recycling customers have been asked to remember other patrons when visiting the cinema.

Network operator Orange, which hosts a weekly offer at theatres across the UK providing two-for-one tickets, has published a new study that looked at some of the things that can annoy us at the flicks.

Having the back of the seat kicked came out on top of the survey with 46 per cent of the vote - and people obstructing the view with their heads accounted for another 15 per cent.

Mobile phones ringing or bleeping turned out to be a big problem for 14 per cent of film lovers, while children throwing popcorn racked up two per cent.

The remaining one per cent of cinematic irritations came in the form of amorous patrons smooching on the back row.

Andy Pearcey, senior partnership manager at Orange, said: "Film fans want to see more than just good value - they want to immerse themselves in the action, kick back and enjoy the best movie experience possible."

The latest guest on the Orange Wednesdays theatre advertisement is Juliette Lewis, an actress and singer who has appeared in films like From Dusk Till Dawn, Natural Born Killers and Cape Fear.


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