Technology 'enables green advances'

18 August 2009 — 10:08 AM

Switching off and unplugging may not be enough

Some firms believe it is no longer enough to simply make sure computers are switched off at night and as such, certain technologies have emerged that push the eco-focus a little further, according to the Canberra Times.

In addition to new software designed to reduce carbon emissions wherever possible, a new initiative was discussed that provides green IT training for businesses and their employees.

A spokesman for Excom Education, the company behind the project, said making computers and electricals run in the most frugal way was essential to fighting climate change.

Graeme Philipson, research director for the firm, explained: "[IT] helps people use energy more efficiently, it helps people design energy-efficient devices, it underpins so much of what we are talking about in a low-carbon economy."

Those recycling mobile phones to improve their eco-credentials may be interested to hear the LG Arena was unveiled as the European Imaging and Sound Association's Green Mobile Phone for 2009/2010.

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