New headsets for mobile recycling customers

20 August 2009 — 5:00 PM

Bluetooth is an option favoured by many

Samsung has launched three new Bluetooth headsets that could be purchased by those who have recently received cash for mobile phones they have traded in.

The selection includes a model designed for high performance, one which is aimed at being stylish and another that combines the best of both its siblings' facilities in a more cost-effective package.

According to Samsung, the WEP870 provides "premiere noise-cancelling" technology with top-of-the-range music streaming abilities and stereo earbuds that can be used during a call.

The WEP850, on the other hand, is focused on providing "minimalistic design", while not short changing the consumer on capabilities. The manufacturer claimed this model "is amongst the best in the industry".

Finally, the "affordable" WEP470 is a lightweight device that is easy-to-use and is still able to provide "superior sound with fully integrated background noise filtering and echo cancellation".

The gadgets could be paired with one of the latest phones in the Samsung range, which currently includes the Tocco Lite and Ultra Edition.

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